Saturday, October 15, 2016

Summer 1910: A Visit to Warwick Castle

      Ima and Mike continue their travels in England. She, like the Earl of Warwick, was not rich--but she kept track of every shilling on this trip. 

      Ima, the future collector and creator of a museum, had an eye for antique furniture as early as 1910. 

Left Oxford Wednesday [August 10, 1910]  2:15 P.M.
Arrived Warwick 3:30

       Dale’s Temperance Hotel (Excellent Rooms 2/3/--Cab 1/6 (Could take train) Meals delicious & moderate). I had a room here, in the Annex--a quaint, old house. The bed and the other furniture was of magnificent solid mahogany, of that clear light colored wood so rare in our country. 

       We went through the castle grounds and the castle. The guide told us that the Earl and Countess would return the next day with an immense party (100 he said) so the castle would be closed to visitors. I later learned that these two live very extravagantly and are not rich, either. I suppose five shillings which comes with every visitor helps a little!