Saturday, January 14, 2017

Ima's 1910 diary, continued.

Ima and her brother, Mike, continue their European travels in the summer of 1910, as recorded in her diary:

Thursday morning  [Aug. 11] 10:20
Stratford. It was warm and the town has not grown in my favor since 1907.

[On her July 12, 1907 visit to Stratford, Ima had a cold, and wrote in her 1907 diary: Reach S[tratford] sick, but walked to Trinity and out by the Avon- my only chance for I spent July 13- Stratford-on-Avon in bed.]

We visited Shakespeare’s birthplace and then his burial in the church. At the Golden Lion (starred in 1906 Baedeker) [Ima’s tattered copy of this standard tourist guidebook is preserved in the archives of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.] we had an insufficient and poor lunch @ 2/6 and in disgust with everything returned to Warwick on the 2:08 train. That afternoon we read and wrote. I reviewed “Kenilworth.” [Ima was a great reader. She knew
Sir Walter Scott’s 1821 romantic historical novel, Kenilworth, and she was about to visit Kenilworth Castle.]  After our delicious dinner, we walked out to the bridge near the castle. It was some sort of a holiday--a brass band was playing discords, and a happy, well-behaved crowd were running and pushing the poor performers along.

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