Saturday, February 11, 2017

Ima's Diary Ends, with Questions Unanswered.

Ima and Mike continue their summer travels in Europe 1910.  

Off Friday morning [August. 12] 10:08.
Went by trolley then to Milverton

Arrived in Kenilworth 10:40.
Drove a mile and a half to the castle /6 d. These romantic and very beautiful ruins we saw to the best advantage, for after a walk about them, we drove on the way to the station, with the tilting ground, had a fine view of the whole castle, where the lake used to be. Merwyn Tower was the scene of Amy’s life in the castle.

 [Amy Robsart, wife of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, is the heroine of Walter Scott’s novel, Kenilworth, which Ima had just “reviewed” the day before.]

In Warwick, by the way, he & the Earl of Leicester are buried.

[No, Ima, Robert Dudley was the Earl of Leicester. Amy Robsart, his wife, is buried at St. Mary’s Church in Oxford.]

Left Kenilworth 12:25 noon.
After innumerable changes arrived in Ambergate at 4:30 P.M. to find that we should have to go farther in order to coach to Haddon Hall, & Chatsworth. We spent the time there until 6:18 P.M.--walked, drank tea and admired this promising beginning of the Peak--Bought tickets to Rowsley, but decided to get off in Matlock, 6:40 P.M. A mountainous and beautiful place--and a nice hotel--“New Bath”--with a pleasant garden.--So many of the lower classes seem to be traveling hereabouts--just tiny little journeys. There is a grand piano here in Matlock.--I am aching to touch it!

This was Friday, August 12, 1910. Here the diary ends rather abruptly.

The little notebook has more blank pages, but she did not use them.